front mud flaps

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Mine are on a Trail somewhere - :hillbilly:

Just kidding,

But that is how i lost them.
Glad to know i'm not the only one. Both my fronts are busted too. I think they got torn off from driving through deep snow here in NH over the winter. I need to call cdan and get some replacements one of these days.
I'm afraid that mine will meet that fate, too. They're very long and droop down. Perhaps, I will trim them a bit.
both of my front flaps are cracked. with out much searching on google i was noticing a lot of people are having problems with these. not just falling off but damaging the truck while doing so. even on the freeway. i can't find an aftermarket solution that would cover up where the stock ones were attached. maybe i should just remove them.
I replied to Pete207's other thread he started...
I put some Cloud Riders on my Tundra when new. I used to work on a live military tank and small arms training base... this is the brand of mud flap that a local truck accessory company used.
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