front gears visible from fill plug?

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Jun 9, 2006
Central WA
I was checking my front diff fluid level in my wife's 93 and noticed there was a large flange of metal visible from the fill hole. I've never noticed that before. Also, Ive been running without a front driveline with the cdl locked for the past year, so I havent been able to see if it makes any noise under power. But afaik, it doesnt make any noises free spinning, or at least no noises that my wife has noticed. I tried to take a picture.

Is this normal? If so it looks like it has a pretty tight clearance with the filler plug.

Thanks in advance!
The ring gear is just behind and toward the left of the fill hole. If you jack up the front axle, wheels off the ground, and turn the front axle with the plug out you'll see it move.

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