Front 3rd member removal help

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Mar 23, 2016
Central NJ
OK.. I can't for the life of me get the 3rd housing out of the axle assembly. I've removed all of the nuts and washers (some studs came along as well), and locked the differential.

Now, this is a full axle assembly off of the LC, sitting on jack stands. I manually actuated the locker with a battery following the instructions found here because the FSM can't label like normal people can on pictures.

Did I run the locker too far? I've actually cycled it back and forth several times and it continues to work.
Am I missing something?
Is it the stupid stud that goes through the locker actuator that appears to be rust welded to the housing?

I get just about a 1/4" space between the 3rd member and the housing but it won't budge.

Oh, I've searched and nothing besides pull the axles out and lock the diff comes up.
If you still have the axles in place, they need to be slid out to remove the 3rd member.
Knew I forgot to mention something. Axles are completely removed. Only thing holding it in, I think is the fork for the locker or one of the studs is just rusted to the housing.
I see what you did there! Going to give it another go tomorrow and try to remove the actuator and see if I can't get in there.
So I kind of made some progress... Only in that it looks like the actuator assembly and the 3rd are rust welded to the axle housing. :bang:

With that said, I tried to get them separate last night to no avail. Looks like the 3rd separated just a little bit so I shot a bunch of penetrating oil in there to hopefully work through the rust.

Anyone deal with similar situation? Any thoughts on something to get in between to break up the rust that won't mar the mating surfaces?:hillbilly:
1. Get a bigger hammer.
2. Bring out the blue tip wrench.
3. Try removing all the studs from the housing and see if that helps.
1. BFH - will do
2. Did that too, MAP ftw (might have to try the propane though as the MAP is a little intense in such a small area)
3. Will do that too

Thanks for the tips!
With some patience, stubborn tenacity, liberal application of heat, blunt force and leverage... I have freed the 3rd!!

Thanks for the suggestions, the revival can now continue!

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