Found a source for Copper and variable thickness headgaskets

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Jun 22, 2004
Portsmouth NH
FYI, I found a source for copper and variable thickness headgaskets.

I have no idea about the price or quality. Here is the link.

see pg 41 at the bottom.

BTW, where are you supose to measured the stock gasket for comparision? I measured it at 0.038" on the gasket material outside the metal sealing ring.
From the look of the gasket pic- it looks like they used the older style gasket as a template versus the newer. I thought the newer template had circular holes near number 6 which gave more space.(?)
which gave more space.(?)

round holes are stronger and gave more support for the cylinder ring, in the original setup it was unsupported and could blow out into this void.
I've used some of their solid copper head gaskets on race motors but haven't used any of theur stuff in stock form. My Dodge diesel has .020 thicker head gasket than stock because of variations in my deck surface. The machine shop took .020 off the deck to make it flat. I currently have a custom ordered Fel Pro(my choice if not OEM)gasket set for the diffrence in my block.

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