Fluid Film/ WoolWax meet up in WI?

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Jul 3, 2017
Green Bay
Any owners in the WI are (Milwaukee/Madison/Green Bay) want to meet up this fall for a undercoating fest? I have never done this myself, but it seems like a good excuse to split the costs and drink some beer. Just throwing it out there
Just make sure you have a large compressor for the spray job. Don't even attempt with a pancake or 5 gallon. It will take 2 days to do one vehicle. 50 gallon compressor or HVLP its done in less than 1 hour
Personal preference is WoolWax. Much thicker than Fluid film made by the same company. Lasts all season +. Cheap. NHOU is not petroleum based which is good because uhggg for those that have to work on the truck and the nastiness for the environment. But they market it as "oil" based cause they have a great marketing team that knows people hear oil and then think it repels water and salt. Flashy website too. Wool wax is oil based as well. Also comes with stickers when you buy a gallon. Heh. Don't pay for NHOU's fancy marketing. WoolWax. If you want the old school undercoat PM me. It involves used motor oil, beeswax, cow urine or your morning urine boiled down and one other thing. You will also need a torch to keep the line and bucket warm. ( ya don't have to use pee you can just order urea online same thing. ) This one is bullet proof but probably illegal in most states.
Lol, when I was a kid there used to be all kinds of places that'd spray your undercarriage with used motor oil and it worked great for rust prevention.

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