fj80 stuck in high range

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Sep 11, 2007
New Jersey
my FJ80 is stuck in high range, the s*** linkage looks fine, so I'm guessing it is something internatl, what could it be? Is this a common problem? any advice on a quick fix? The fluid was replaced recently by the way....thanks!
ya just gotta learn to hit sh!t harder now mate.

maby try slowly rolling faward and try and slot her in. but appart from that no ideas
Have you tried to put the transmission in Neutral before you shift to Low?
I am looking at the same issue with a 1991 80 series I am thinking of buying. The shifter does not move. Yes I have it in N or P and even a bit of a roll in N, still will not move. The linkage under all seems to have play and there is no rust. The owner has never had it in low and does not know if the original Texas owner (aka family wagon) had ever used low.

Ideas what is up? If it is running well in high, and the center diff is locking (yes I checked for one wheel spin vs two wheel spin to make sure)....seems that if is is working well in high, it can only be a linkage issue and not a gear issue in low only. Thoughts? I bave two 80s and have never seen this in others before so....?

Not all that uncommon to have gunk built up where the shifter meets the case, thereby preventing it from moving.

Last thread on this was just a week or two ago.

i haven't even read your post before the last one---so I lost big...can you send me the link---newbie that I am

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ok my learning curve on the forum is over---found the info in search advanced. thanx

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