Fj80 arb lift

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Nov 22, 2021
Some help here. Installing a new 3 inch ARB lift (2850) on my 91FJ 80. Taking out the old front springs, and they are an inch taller than the new arb springs. Are these new Springs still going to provide a Lift even though they are smaller?
Fit the new one and see what you get. It's like a 30 min job to swap out the front springs.
Thanks. Unfortunately I’m having a shop do it for me and they say if they put the new ones on that they also have to do the shocks and if it is not the right fit, I can’t return it….
I just had a look on the Slee website and the 2850 springs are advertised as a 2.5" lift. What size of lift did you have the springs you are removing?

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