FJ62 Power Steering

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May 24, 2016
Baton Rouge, LA
I apologize if this has been discussed, but I searched for power steering issues and didn't see exactly my problem...

Basically, it seems like my power steering works off and on. Sometimes it will work with the truck parked and other times the steering wheel pulsates and it feels like there is no power steering at all (when parked and at low speeds). It's a rhythmic pulsation, so could it be a slipping belt?

I have a belt on order from Beno, and I plan to flush the PS fluid this weekend (looks like someone used PS fluid and not Dexron in the past...). Maybe this is post is a bit premature, but I am trying to wrap my head around what I may be dealing with here.

The pump does not seem to be making any strange noises from what I've been able to tell, and I have not seen a leak from the pump or reservoir. Could the culprit be the belt/fluid? Or do these issues seem like a failing pump?

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