For Sale FJ45 from top truck challenge with mog axles for sale !!!

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FJ45 from top truck challenge for sale ( price reduction ) !!!!!

1977 Toyota Landcruiser FJ45, 300 HP 6.5 Chev turbo diesel with less than 200 miles, 700R4 with reverse valve body with less than 200 miles, Exact 203/205 Doubler new when truck built, unimog 406 airlocking axles with Exact pinion conversion, brand new 47 inch LTB tires, double beadlock starworks rims, professionally built 3 link coil front suspension as well as rear 4 link, hydro boost disc brakes, hydro assist steering, ARB front bumper and snorkel, Lokar shifter, roof, doors and box removable, and full roll cage. The truck competed in Four Wheeler's Top Truck Challenge in 2004, and was featured on the cover of Four Wheeler magazine. I am sure I have forgotten some details, such a great truck. NEW PRICE ( $29,000.00 or best offer !!!!! ) Phone Robb 1-306-530-7225
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is there anyb ody out there who does'nt love this rig?!

bump for ya rob!

whatcha wheelin instead?
That is freekin beautiful. You must have lost your mind to sell that.

That's one of the baddest rigs I have ever seen!! Good luck on the sale and Congrats to whoever buys it.
I'm speechless...Wow.
Off topic, but do you have any pics of the engine, I am also installing a 6.5 in my 45 and want to see how your's looks!
Off topic, but do you have any pics of the engine, I am also installing a 6.5 in my 45 and want to see how your's looks!

Sorry I don't and it is snowing out . I can take some pics when it gets nice again . cheers Robb
Bump , come on someone needs this rig . cheers Robb
Bump , that is .........., Im speechless. I want it. Awesome machine, and the fact that you have a similar vehicle that you built. I need 55grand.
Holy hockey sticks!

...oh to be from the lucky sperm club...

bump for a one of a kind!
Well took the FJ45 back out to the shop , really don't want it to sit again . I am going to lower the price to $45,000.00 or best offer . With having the buggy I just can't justify having this rig sit around . cheers Robb
I was cleaning out the closet and found the issue of 4wheeler where this truck is the TTC feature. I can send it to whoever wants it. Best to PM me. Cheers Eric
I am willing to look interesting trades !!!! cheers Robb
Well it looks like I might be going down to West Palm beach Florida . And if you have been looking at this cruiser and wondering how you would get it down to your driveway !!!! I live in Saskatchewan Canada and if you mapquest the route down to West beach and you are in anyway close on the route , and would like to buy this cruiser . Make me an offer . I will put it on a trailer behind me . cheers Robb

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