FJ45 Corner glass

Hello ih8mud folks, I'm in need of fj45 left and right corner glass. Please help.. Thanks

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Feb 18, 2011
Hi Ih8mud world... I'm in need of fj45 left and right corner glass (curved). Tried specter and ccot but no luck. Is there anyone who can help me ? Thank you in advance :)
Thank you and if I cant find it here in Cali then i will surely pm you. Im just wondering what will be the shipping cost
Measure yours first--I have a small stack of corner glasses, but not sure if they are 40 or 45's. And yeah, shipping would most likely be exorbitant. Surely, surely somebody in the US will have one.
You'll get more responses if you ask your question in the FJ45 Classifieds Corner thread on this website.

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