Fj43 Radiator replacement

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Feb 2, 2019
Does anyone out there have experience with a CCOT radiator replacement for the fj40? It looks close to OEM quality. The only other option I see is cityracer with an OEM one, but international shipments on big items make me a little nervous. CCOT is also not too far from me.
I picked an OEM one up a month or so ago from a Toyota dealer.
I got 3 or 4 OEM radiators a few years back, $300 or so.

Should be 16400 49356, it's a 4 core and they are beautiful

That’s good to hear. I thought they were discontinued. Do you remember the part number and cost?
Thank y'all for the help! I have an OEM radiator on the way.

For anyone else searching the dealership offers this part at $413 plus tax, and I ordered mine on for $340 shipped

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