FJ40 Transfer Case

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The side shift linkage is different. Uses a pivot off the bellhousing.

Yup, like this
@MSP1989 hijack over
Your T/C appears to be a 3speed in looking at the size of the housing where the rear output bearing goes.
That’s a good strong case

Wasn't working on hijacking as much as inquiring about that case identification picture showing the transmission tailshaft cover only having four bolts up thru 66. Almost positive that wrong. Which brings up the rest of the case dating. Think I may have seen that picture in the Toyota trails. Haven't been a member in over twenty years. Maybe time for some new information.

So how did You solve the side shifter linkage to the top?
So how did You solve the side shifter linkage to the top?
I swapped out the early side shifter column shift system and linkage (what was left) with top shift column and linkage stuff from John @pardion as well as putting in a rebuilt top shift tranny and T/C from Georg @orangefj45. Everything works great! But I did have to modify my trans tunnel a wee bit. The limited availability of functioning and rebuildable side shift trannys (that were also for sale) was the reason I did the swap, plus what I had in hand was grossly incomplete. And then someone posts two (!) side shift trannys that might (?) be available - 3 yrs later 😂.

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