Wanted Fj40 locking steering wheel thingy

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Aug 29, 2005
East Texas
United States
I need the part the the ignition switch goes into on a 73 up Fj40 with the switch on the column. This is a locking steering column.
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I have a 12/82-40 series, along with many others, and none of them have a locking steering column....The steering wheel will work regardless of the key being in the ignition and turned to the acc/on/etc. position.....

Do you simply need the casting that the key lock cylider and ignition switch fasten attach to?

Hey Poser... actually this one is on the 78 FJ43. I didn't get the key with the cruiser and the column is locked. If I jerk out the key cylinder, what am I going to screw up??? I was going to use a body dent jerker and screw it into the key slot and jerk it out. I guess I will know what i need after I see what all breaks.
can't you get a good locksmith to make you a key???
not sure about a GOOD locksmith locally... but I am going to give that a try. thanks

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