FJ40 Fiberglass Roof

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Are you talking about just the fiberglass roof, or the whole hardtop? I've seen the whole hardtop for sale anywhere from $50 on up to well over $500 for one in great shape (not saying it sold, though). The doors are about in the same price range. It really depends on what kind of shape they're in and the market of your particular locale.

Are you selling or buying? Pics would help with guesstimating price.

Shipping is the dealer killer on the fiberglass part.

X2. I got a replacement top a while back to replace one I cracked when I had a little excursion on to my side, and the shipping was 1/4 of the cost.

I have a hard top that I might be getting rid of, and I'm right down here in Havelock down the I-70 from you. :meh:

Lemme know if you are looking for one, if I sell it I really don't want to have to ship it anywhere :grinpimp:

edit: I also have a set of complete fiberglass amby doors with glass and everything, and a set of bare steel amby doors that are naked and need paint
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Ambulance doors without rust (original) are going 400/pair on ebay. No idea on the frp ones.
x3 on the shipping!!!

I've been looking for a newer top for my '64, and I did find a couple, but shipping was in many cases 2 to 4 times the price of the top!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW...I'm still looking for one.

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