Fj25 Parts Needed!

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Apr 17, 2008
United States
Hey there ... how ya'll doing?
I've been looking and reading the forums for quite sometime now but i have finally registered as a member ...
i currently own a FJ25 1960 .. but still under restoration.
If anyone could find me some parts i need .. that'll be awesome!
Here's the list:

  • • Master Cylinder & Clutch Cylinder
    • Switch assy, turn signal (set)
    • Reflector KOITO (3 pieces)
    • Gas Cap
    • Fuse includes illustration
    • Retainer, step mat left & right (code no: 5179460010)
    • Windshield Rest (2 pieces)
    • License Holder with Lens/Cover (complete)
    • TOYOTA logo plate at the back
    Thanks alot!
    Cheers! :cheers:
You knew, of course, that I would ask you to show us yours before I showed you mine....watcha got?
haha .. yea mate .. mine's still under restoration ... but i do have some pics of it BEFORE it under goes restoration .. i will post it up as soon as i can .
The FJ25 was bought 3 years ago ... the car is still on its original paint and there are some unoriginal parts that needs to be fixed and change to make it look extra-great! you know who/where i can purchase the parts i needed listed above?

What's the story behind your FJ25?
Mind if i peek at some photos?

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