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Mar 16, 2008
DC area
My FJ is 32 years young and I called GEICO today to see if I could get a special insurance policy because I thought it would be considered a classic.

Well, they said that the vehicle is not considered a classic or antique because, and this is their quote "it does not appreciate in value from its original price" even though it fits the age requirement. They listed Mustangs, GTs, Corvettes and all the associate muscle cars even El Camino, but Toyota FJ.....hah, after all, who'd want one of those ;)

Just venting out here on the blog because I pay enough for insurance already without some company telling me my FJ doesnt rate. so I guess, even though my car is immaculate inside and out and only has 60,000 original miles, if I wreck it under the policy GEICO wants to put me on, then I can only get the depreciated value of the car.

x 2 on shopping around insurance companies, I had no problems with my '76 on an antique policy :meh:

If you ever intend on getting a check from an insurance company for the value of your truck in the event that you ball it up, you had better get it appraised by a company that your insurance provider acknowledges and have a policy written up specifying the agreed value of the vehicle.

Otherwise, you are wasting your time and money on insurance, and will be pissing money away on a attorney, trying to get money out of a company for something that you think is worth ‘X’ and they KNOW it is only worth ‘Y’.

I know a few people that have spent more than a year trying to get settlements after totaling out their truck, and the insurance company only wanting to pay ‘Y’, because they did not have a policy stating a specific value concerning replacement of the vehicle.

You have a special vehicle that requires a special insurance policy that will likely have a special rate and possibly conditions associated with it pertaining to the use of the special vehicle.

Thanks Mad Tripper. That discussion thread sort of said it all.

Agree Value Insurance Policy

I have just recently purchased a BJ40 and was also looking for a policy with Geico. They do not do agreed value policies. Since speaking with Geico I researched a few other companies; Grundy Grundy Worldwide and Classic Classic Auto Insurance Agency - Car insurance for your collector automobile. They both allow you to set a value for the vehicle within reason and have some restrictions regarding use and mileage. I spoke with a rep at Grundy and they required a minimum value of $10,000 and the policy was going to cost about $750 a year. You can go to their web page and get a free quote. I will probably go with Grundy but am also going to try State Farm this week before makeing a final decision.
look into Hagerty

thats what i had mine insured. i got an appraisal from the same guy who appriases tlcs trucks and and agreed value policy at hagerty and they ended up insuring my vehicle for a thousand more than it was appraised for. very pleasant people to work with.

Try American Collectors Insurance they are in Cherry Hill NJ but I thing they cover other states. I pay $90 a year full coverage $100 det. Agreed value of $5000. And a great towing package . 5000 miles a year. Their number is 800-360-2277
I have my cruisers insured thru StateFarm and they required an appraisal from one of their appraisal companies but insured it without problem after that. Also either way KEEP RECEIPTS. There is value in them when you need them for insurance.

I built a 1988 Ford F-350 Centurion in 1996. I put a 1995 PSD into it and 6in lift 38's winch - - - Then in 1998 it got stolen from local movie theater. I filed a claim and State Farm offered me a settlement for 5K I told them they were crazy I had more than that in the engine conversion alone. The S/F adjuster said do you have receipts? My loving wife saves receipts for everything and got a whole folder together with pic's and turned it in. I ended up with a 21K settlement but they DO NOT count labor costs if you do it yourself even if you have your own personel buisness. Could I build it again for 21K yes, could you have it built for 21K NO WAY. It sure beat the 5K they first offered though.

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