Fj-40 pitman arm removal

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Oct 30, 2007
Plano texas
Hi, Working on antique cruisers is interesting. I've spent a week soaking and heating an fj-40 power steering box pitman arm ( using a 3 foot bar and OTC puller) , just about to give up when it broke loose. I'm building 3 boxes. Decided tonight if the next was going to take a week I needed to get started. This box took no heat ,hammering or oil and broke loose in 5 minutes. The boxes looked almost identical in rust and crud on them . Go figure. Mike
typical "luck" in dealing with a FJ. I had a set of intake/exhaust bolts come off with a simple spray of break free and a 3/4" drive socket and on the same chassis had to heat up and impact gun out a upper shock absorber bolt that was 10" away and not even rusty.
I think “antique” is Latin for “it’ll take a week”

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