Fan Clutch HELP!!

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Mar 20, 2010
North Little Rock, AR
First off I've read like a billion threads on this and I think I'm more confused than ever.

I purchased some 10,000 cst silicon oil from a hobby shop and pulled my fan clutch hoping to solve an AC problem. My AC had been getting hot during idle and since I just had it charged (no leaks found) I thought I'd start with the fan clutch mod.

Here's my question. I've got a Hayden unit, short of buying a blue hub from Cdan (which I probably will anyway) is this the one you want to mod or is the Asin unit. I've read threads that say the Hayden unit it the better and threads that say it's the worst. Which is it?

I'm probably going to put the oil in it to see if it solves my problem, if not I'll order a blue hub.


Thanks in advance.
You can't adjust the Hayden clutch, just refill it with new oil.
dont know anything about the hayden but if youre going cheap drain and fill that one and see if it works. if you want best route buy a new blue or black hub then drain and fill with:
10k on black
20k on blue
(according to tools r us recommends)
I used a Hayden filled with 100K. It made a huge difference over a worn out OEM unit, until I replaced it with a Blue hub. Now it stands by as a spare.

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