Family day camping

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What are you thinking?
Was about to send you a message and see what is accessible in your neck of the woods. West Harrison was good 2 weeks ago. I’m open for suggestions
Isn't there some slides/washouts on the west harrison FSR, near Hale etc?
In addition to no camping setup functional just now I'm house/dog sitting, but depending on where you go a day trip may be possible if you're base camping and chilling.

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We've been up the Squamish River FSR to km 13 about 2 weeks back, and it was single lane track, but with warmer temps I suspect mostly clear now. Probably not possible to get up high there though.
This past weekend we went up the Mamquam FSR towards Pinecone Lake as road was plowed for active logging, then back tracked to Watersprite Lake road. That's where we encountered a group of 15 'stuck' vehicles that couldn't make it back up a short but steeper climb almost at the end of the road. Helped them out (only took about 4.5 hours), so didn't make it the last km to the end. Was beautiful up there though, and got up to 840m (road was plowed most of the way but last section was 30-60cm deep snow. Not sure what our plan is for FD weekend.
I’m not camping but as far as snow level we got turned around on the spine between Stave & Alouette this weekend, the group in front of us winched through only to turn around 50’ later.
So, here's our plan, and you're all very welcome to join. Heading up the Squamish Valley FSR on Monday for a low altitude exploration. There's still a lot of snow at higher elevation, which could be fun, or not 😆. Will get a cooking fire going for noon for a sophisticated trail lunch as well! Weather is forecast to be good, road is a FSR, but may go to one lane in the snow further up valley. Aiming for Elaho river junction, or further if possible. It's beautiful country, and since we're along a river Kristin may bring her fishin' rod as well. Post up if you are keen, would really enjoy your company! Be advised that this is not challenging wheeling, unless of course we make it so 😆.
Drew, come join us on Monday! Come up Harrison and the Lillooet River to Pemberton, then down to Squamish
Looks like you upped your tent game, Drew 👍
New rtt looks great!
Nice to see some got out.


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