F/2F rockers

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Dec 20, 2007
Orcas Island in NW Washington State
While adjusting valves today, i see the #12 rocker arm has worn oval... The clip and spring fell off and the rocker had slid back. I tried one from an '83, but the bored area was too long, and also uses a smaller dia pushrod. It was areal nice fit on the shaft, so I feel the shaft is still ok. I know where there is an F engine I can pirate from, but not worth the trip if the rockers are different...do they interchange?
I didn't bother to look, but SOR sells used rocker assembilies for $75 (when I last checked 1 yr ago).

Their website would also tell you the applicability. An entire F and 2F rocker assembly are different because of the oiling (copper tube system on the F), but I'll bet they sell the individual parts used, too.

Good luck

What engine are you working on, Gary? SOR lists rocker arms from 58-67, 68-4/79, and 4/79-7/80, and 8/80-8/92. I don't know what the differences are between them.

I'm not sure if the wear you mention is even worth worrying about. Are you talking about the arm/valve stem contact area? You can probably just re-surface it with a hand file if it's not too far gone. At any rate, SOR has used rocker arms for $7 (shipping and handling will be twice that) if you feel you need to replace the arm.
It would be coming off a '69 f and going onto a '76 2f. The hole is pretty badly worn, so I think I'll swing into where the fj 40 parts rig is, and pull the whole assembly. The valve cover is already off, and there is a con rod sticking outa the block, so it's toast anyways. Thanks for the info. I'll look up the parts like that in specter next time.
Ah, so the hole where the rail passes through the arm is ovaled out? Yep, I think you should replace it.

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