Engo 20" LED bar

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Nov 22, 2009
Southwest Virginia
Edit: I am a goober. The light does not function without being synced to the remote. For the price, they are worth a shot. LED will not replace a good pencil beam for distance but I believe that this bar will fit my needs of driving in the woods at night on a rocky dirt road just fine. 40 led lights in the bar, flood on the sides, and spot in the middle. Pictures below, eventually I will give my two cents on their function. Already tell you that customer service at Engo (Joel Aho) was top notch and exceeded my expectations, I can't ell you the last time I was impressed with customer service!

I have purchased the above light bar to mount on my ARB. I hooked everything up last night and everything works but the light. No instructions but there is a red & black wire for the battery and I grounded the relay to the frame. The switch is illuminated red, press button and the green light comes on with the expected click of the relay but no light output from the light bar. I even tried a dedicated ground for the led housing but no joy. A remote comes with the assembly but it doesn't look like it turns anything on, just changes the color from white to amber. Any ideas?
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Can you run power straight to the bar (bypassing the relay) to see if the bar works?
I will try that and post up if it works. Doh! Thanks Dave
Per volt meter: relay checks out, switch checks out, no shorts in any of the wires, all plugs are clean and corrosion free, light has no resistance in either polarity. The light does not energize when hooked directly to the battery. Looks like I will be trying out Engo customer service on Monday. BTW, if the inside of the housing had two wires shorted to the circuit board, would that fry everything? Not that I took it apart at my kitchen table......
Photos of your light on your ARB would be appreciated.
this is why i hate wiring lol
Pics will follow. Joel at Engo was by far the best example of what customer service is all about. I have yet to brave the weather and hook the light bar back up but when I do, I feel confident it will work. Not only did Joel tell me the error of my ways (remote is integrated into system and has to be synched by pressing either A OR B button (not both like I was trying) but he discussed with me the upcoming changes to the system. I let him know all I wanted was to turn on the light to white. He is sending me the upgraded wiring harness at no charge. I really didn't expect that level of help or to get anything for free. Stand up guy!
The remote turns on white, Amber, off, and strobes of both. The interior switch can be programmed to function two of the above. Work is kicking my behind right now so please be patient for pics.
As requested, pics! I used the factory brackets and a small piece of flat bar stock to fit to the ARB. I am making a more permanent solution to mount the Hi-Lift on the top tabs with the light bar attached beneath. Pic #3 is my personal favorite for location, although the new brackets will have the light bar closer to the top bar. I will post a video of the functions when/if I can figure it out.
Lights on in daylight. Haven't been out at night yet. The strobe function is maddening!
Drove three hours the other night. Back roads were lit up like day light. Light worked great. Still can't figure out the hard wired switch but the remote works for now. Guess more excellent customer service is in my future.
I dig this. I love the fact that it can go amber too. Strobe is nice for hazard/warning lights.
What did you cash out for it?
And what's up with the remote, do you have to use it? Or can it be hooked up to go on with high beams, like a normal relayed light?
The remote is the only option I have now. The hard wired switch is a push button yet it won't cooperate with programming. I guess the safety/theft deterrent of needing the separate box in the cab. Detach the box and nothing works. I have not looked closer at the electronics to see if a high beam relay is possible. That was my hopes when I bought the light. IPOR sold it for around $300 if I remember correctly. I'd have to go back and look at receipts to confirm.
First issue. Parasitic drain from the light bar. Came home from work the other night to notice one of the Amber leds glowing.
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