Engine swap buying advice

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Jun 7, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
hey guys
first things first, i have had a search of both the FAQ's and some old posts but I couldn't really find a whole lot relating to my questions. But saying that im sorry if i missed something.

So.... ive been looking at buying a 40 for the past 6 months or so and i have been waiting and patiently searching for the right car to come along. I had my heart set on a diesel so i was really after a BJ40/42. The later the year the better, and power steering and disk brakes weren't a necessity but were definitely something that i looked apon favourably as it will be my DD a couple of times a week.

After my months of searching i may have found something but i wanted all your opinions on it and whether you think its still a good car.

Its a 1976 FJ40, but it has had an engine swap to a 2H out of a late 60 series. They also brought across the power steering and the 5 speed box. They also added a small turbo, added front disks and a late 40 series rear axle with the handbrake. so it has everything im looking for, good to drive around town, enough power, 5 speed box for the highway. My only concern is has the swap and all the mods completely destroyed the value or are they acceptable mods and changes. i just don't want to overpay for a truck that if i ever want to sell (not anticipating) then nobody is going to want.

It had a full "nut and bolt' restoration 2 years ago so body wise it is in great shape too.

Id be interested in all your thoughts.
Sounds like good, functional upgrades to me. For instance, my '71 FJ40 has a 4-speed and transfer case from a '78 FJ55; a '76 2F with F accessories; front disc brakes using Toyota mini-truck Birfields/knuckles, FJ60 vented rotors, and early '90s IFS calipers; and power steering using a mini-truck gearbox and Tercel pump. In the future it'll get an FJ60 oil cooler and carb cooling fan. My '76 FJ40 has an H41 low-ratio 4-speed and the 3-speed transfer case from my '71 FJ40, and power steering using the same set-up as on my '71 FJ40. In the future it'll get an FJ60 oil cooler and carb cooling fan, plus an early split hood with chrome hood ornament, hardtop sides with kick-out vent windows, 3-point shoulder harness seat belts, and a lift gate with swing-out rear doors. All of these upgrades and replacements help in one or more ways (some only cosmetic), and to me, outweigh any benefits of being all stock.
Sounds better than stock. Good mods and still Toyota.
Awesome. Thanks so much guys. Thats pretty much what i was thinking. Sure its not all original, but i want a car that i can enjoy and have fun in. Having a reliable and good truck to drive will outweigh what i may not have. (A stock truck).
I'd say you either want a 100 point restoration, back to show room floor new, worth $50,000 to $100,000, OR you want a rig that has been upgraded to a perfect highway/trail manageable daily driver (exactly the one you have your eye on), your call
Depends on your goals and objectives. My goal was a diesel but what I finally bought is basically a resto-mod with all later model Landcruiser parts on this forum. BJ3 Diesel, disk brakes, H55 5 speed etc. Although it appears pretty much perfect my objective was to use it and hopefully this gives me long term dependability and use-ability. Boy, am I happy with it!


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