Emissions issues with rear cat delete?

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Jun 6, 2011
West Jordan, Utah
I know this is probably location specific, but I really want to delete the rear catalytic converter and do an over the frame exhaust. I know from other threads that this usually isn't an issue sniffer test wise, or throwing codes, but what I am concerned about is not passing visual inspection. Has anyone in Utah, or similar places (not California) had problems getting flagged for not having a second in series cat?

I've never seen tech look under a car in my 26 years living in salt lake getting cars inspected. Now if you have an exhaust leak before the cat they will fail it. If you're 95 or newer they don't even do a sniffer test anymore, they just scan the ECU if it says it passes you pass.
In SOME locations, a single cat is O K if you can document that it is a 3 way, not a 2 way like the OEM setup.

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