Emergency - Monstaliner application question

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Sep 5, 2013
Cayman Islands
I have just put the first coat of Monstaliner on my roof and this is what it looks like from above.


Overall view - I started at the bottom left and painted to the right. Then did the passenger side - top left to right.
The coating was definitely thicker on the top of the image than the bottom. I tried really loading up the roller but it did not seem to make a difference.

A closeup

Is this normal? My drying time will be quite short due to high temps and humidity.
I have enough to do three coats if needed. Just wanted to check with those who have used Monsaliner.

Looks way to thin, keep the roller loaded at all times and roll slow. Good Luck!!
Also, make passes in several directions with the roller working a small area at a time. In the photo it appears you just went up and down from front to back.
Well, by the time I could post this email and get replies, the first coat was dry and ready for the second application.
Thanks to everyone for their responses.
To answer the questions above:

I did prep as per supplied instructions - scuffing the surface as well as multiple MEK wipe downs. I did find that the mixture was thin at the start but that might a result of the temp here - mid 80s. As I was finished the first coat, the mixture was thicker and went on with better coverage. The first coat used just over 1/4 can.

For the first application, I loaded the rollers with as much as they would hold but when rolling the liner, the roller would just go through it.
I did the same type of loading with the second application and the results were much improved.

I did just go up and down (in the image) as per instructions. But even when changing the angle, it did not make a difference.

The second coat went on thicker with full coverage and used up just over 1/2 the can. It looks very close to what it should be.
Much happier now (not counting my bad painting areas).


A little cleaning up to do but I have full coverage.

Thanks to everyone for their hints.

Both first and second coats were dry to the touch in about 45 minutes.
That looks much better than the first photo! My first coat seamed to cover much better than yours appeared but maybe it was the light color you were using. Looks Good

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