Eliminate parking brake drum

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Dec 3, 2006
South Dakota
I've searched and have found many threads on how to remove and service the parking brake drum but I would like to eliminate it completely.

Who makes an adapter that will allow me to bolt the rear driveshaft directly to the transfer case?? Is there a "cheap trick" for doing this??

The parking brake drum interferes with my passenger side link mount.

The Marlin Toy box moved the transfer case back about 6 inches and thus the problem.

All you need to do is cut off the outward part of the drum & turn down the edge:
safety issues

:hmm:what are you going to do if there is a hydraulic failure?:steer:

scary option:eek:.been there with hydraulic failure.......all fluid was gone....so a line lock would have been of no help!...thank god I had a functioning hand brake!; my 0.02

Good point Lou, not much else one could do. Might be a good reason to move the mounts. I will do a rear disc conversion but wasn't planning on it yet. Guess I need to consider some more options.

Don't want to have to bail out of a run away rig!
I had a mach shop turn down my pk drum and went with elderado calipers.

That's why I cut mine down but I gave up on the cable routing back there :meh: I went back w/ the stock parking brake on both rigs. Can you post up a pic of how you ran them & a pic of the emergeny brake activator? Thanks :cheers:

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