electrical..one step forward 2 steps back..help please

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Nov 11, 2004
okay....i have a few questions...some may seem dumb but i have searched and nothing i can find really answers these questions...68 fj40 with chevy 283...most of toyota wiring intact...i think

first i have a white wire..with a red stripe..comes out of the fuse block and goes nowhere...where should it go?....inspection light outlet?

next white wire black stripe..just kinda hanging around...no termination point what should it do?

what do the letters on the individual switches mean? light switch p m t b h..? these are shown on the wiring diagram.

i got this headlight switch...to replace what was existing...will this work for my application?...wires to my headlights are one larger white...when tested is hot..one red with white or yellow stripe...one black ??? cant find a stripe...and one red cant find a stripe....i think the no stripers are p.o hack ins from what i have read here....so if this switch will work....what wires would go to wich terminals..the switch i removed had only 2 terminals...the big white went to one and all the rest went to the other...

thanks in advance for the help!

That switch can be made to work, but it is not correct for your year truck, so you will need to modify your harness...

not hard to modify...i think...po modified it some..so thats really not a big deal

Your best bet would be to get a FSM or other wiring diagram, and start the mind-numbing process of chasing wires bud...

Good luck!


believe me i have been chasing...one circuit at a time....these are just some loose ends...when i look at the fsm it shows that white/red wire going to the inspection light outlet...just want to verify that.... i cant find a white with black stripe on the diagram...and i know the po crap i am on my own.

osagecruiser said:
. i cant find a white with black stripe on the diagram...

pretty sure these are ground wires...

could i just add spade type connectors to the ends of the wires that go to the headlight switch?...if so what order would they plug in?

Yes you can install female spade connectors on the wires.

I do not know the order that they install on the switch bud...enter FSM :)
White with black stripe is indeed a ground wire for any and all circuits, all years and models.

where would it terminate...the part of it i have located is under the hood...drivers side near the firewall...thanks

got some good electrical instruction today...my father in law is a genius!..he taught me the ins and outs of vehicle electrical and switching...damn now that made it easier...still have a stubborn wire or 2 or 3 but i have it under control...all i need now is the time to get it finished

WR wire goes from fuse box to IG switch on the voltage regulator. There is a branch to the B terminal on the speed marker, if you have one.

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