early hard top

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Mar 20, 2005
burbank ca
United States
im not sure if this came off a early 40 or 25 and i really dont know the difference if there is one:doh: i was going to chop it up and bob it for my extended cab 45 but i dont think ill ever get around to it and if anyone wants it leme know im up for trades or something. im located in socal and will post pics in a minute
Post it up in the regular classifieds to, should fit up to '65. :D
The 64 and part of 65 were the same. The FJ25 and early FJ40s hard tops were different. The tub has a pillar that runs up behind the side doors and into the area of the hard top sides. For what you were planing on doing with this I would assume it is the later type.


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