double cardan drive shaft

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Jan 30, 2010
SK Canada
I've been reading a bunch on these driveshafts but couldnt find the answers I am looking for.

I have a 77 fj40 I'm in the process of going spring over plus a bunch of other modifications. I want to use a double cardan drive shaft. I understand pre 85 fj60's have them up front by they are hard to come by. I also understand mini trucks have them but the bolt pattern is different. I have an atlas transfercase with a fj40 output flange on front and back and I dont really want to drill the flange to make the mini truck drive shaft work.

here's my question. are the u joint the same between the two so I can swap my stock fj40 flange onto the mini truck double cardan joint? I have access to some mini trucks but not fj60's. if they are different what other options do I have? I'm going to have to have customs length drive shafts made anyway so is it better to just get Tom woods or high angle to make them? I'd rather just have them lengthened locally if I can just get the double cardan end that'll fit my output flanges
the mini truck pattern is the same at the transfer case you just need to open up the holes. on the axle side the mini truck will slide in to the fj40 drive shaft. that's how it worked on mine.
I run them front and rear and was able to do all the work my self.
these came out of a 1983 mini truck. hope they work! I have to do custom lengths anyway and have a place here that'll do it. I just really needed to DC joints. I'll check this weekend to see if the bolt pattern is right.
If you position the shafts to fit against the pumpkin flanges, and if the holes don't line up, then rotate the
drive shaft in place and then just drill through the flange using the driveshaft holes as template. I did that
on my 60 after putting the locker in and the flange had been changed. They should self align with the centers
on the driveshaft yolks. Make sense? ]
On the SOA on the 40, it's the rear that really needs the double cardon as it will be the shortest.
totally makes sense. I could do that. I'm going DC joints on both just to be sure. both front and back seem to end up quite steep!

and I just checked and the DC end fits the atlas output flange. just need to drill the DC flange a little bigger. it's got smaller holes. I understood it was the transfercase flange holes that were too small and needed to be drilled. it's actually the drive shaft flange holes that are too small. the slip joints work perfectly with my fj40 slip joints so I have the 40 flange at the diff. only trouble I just realized is that my diffs are newer era flanges built for a 60. I'll likely just drill new holes for what ever drive shaft flange I decide to use. the fj40 looks a little more robust

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