Door Bottom Repair

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Aug 5, 2006
On a darkling plain
Hey y'all. I'm new to body work, and I'm not sure how much I can tackle. (I've done a lot of woodwork, but not much metal). My knottiest problem right now is with door bottom rust. I tried a search for this, but I must not be using the right terms; I'm not finding much.

Can someone advise me on
  1. What's a good/easy way to arrest the rust at the door bottoms? Use whatever rust products suggested elsewhere in the forum?
  2. I assume cut-out and weld new is the only real solution to the problem. Is this a $$$$$ repair for a body shop?
  3. Or is grinding/bondo a possibility? That I could do myself.
  4. What to do about new gutters in this seam?
Door bottom patch panels are available, and probably the best way to go if you have rust to the point where holes have formed. I will be going this route when I repair mine, down the line.
If you go with a body shop / weldor - It will probably not be inexpensive

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