Does anyone have spider gears laying around?

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Jan 18, 2007
I need help finding a rear carrier set up (the portion you remove when upgrading to a locker or LSD. I need the spider gears and other parts to rebuild a unit I already have. If you have an entire 3rd laying around that wouldn’t be bad either. This is for a 2006 Tacoma, but applicable years and models range from T100: 1993 - 1998 (Rear) Tacoma: 1993 - 2007 (Rear) Tundra: 1995 - 2001 (Rear) and Sequoia: (2001 - 2006). The sooner the better as I hope to verify whether the issue we are having is in the differential or transmission. I have a rear third with roasted spider gears so I really only the bits and pieces but let me know.


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