diff noise ?

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Dec 16, 2009
I know the load has to be set when replacing gears with shims.

My question is if it grawls while under load is it too tight (more than enough shims) or loose (not enough shims)?

A buddy says he has noise when under load but when he let's up it goes away.

Noise under load could be a number of things. Check the U joints and slip yoke for wear first and then check for play in the pinion bearings (any motion other than rotation).
X2 on checking the drive shaft and pinion bearing play
I had some growling and I replaced the ujoints in the rear shaft and it mostly went away
No pinion bearing play either
I still get a little bit of growl from time to time but I am attributing it to the pinion angle not being corrected with 4+ inches of lift putting the rear shaft at a bad angles
Thanks i'll have him check the drive line yoke and U-joints.

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