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Jul 28, 2007
So. My old truck burned to the ground in the middle of nowhere and I've spent the last month waiting for the insurance company to stop playing games and pay out. We have looked at a million cars from Subaru's to a new Toyota Sequoia. Nothing had the appeal, usefulness and soul my old 80 had. I have mad a tentative deal on a high milage 1996 locked 80 to replace what has become obviously irreplaceable with anything else. I'm now on the hunt for a JDM wreck or half cut to replace the power train on the new truck as I'm building an expedition rig over the next year. If anyone knows a reliable source please let me know. I know there were a couple of fire fighters in Vancouver that were importing these but I cant remember the name of their site. Any and all help appreciated.


Pic #1. My old 80 towing the 1969 Dart GTS I restored over the winter.

Pic #2. The funeral prior of my old friend

Pic #3. The new heart transplant patient
Still waiting for the insurance company to find the cause if they can. You sure realize how tough of a truck they are when you look to replace it.
Thats the guys!

Craig, thanks.

Yes, that would be us. Shoot us a note through the website address when you get to it. We've a couple "complete" 1HDT-A442 kits for USA FZJ80s we are in the process of putting together. With some other projects and summer upon us they will not be available for a bit...but we are working on them.

Damn, just caught that thread on the fried 80. Sorry man. At least no one got hurt. Things are replaceable, people are not.


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