Dick Cepek Jerry Can Carrier

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Dec 14, 2014
The FJ40 I purchased about a month ago (my first LC) came with 2 jerry can mounts on it, one on each side. On them they read "Dick Cepek Jerry Can Carrier".

(I've attached photos)

I don't have any jerry cans, and before I buy them I want to make sure that they will fit on these holders. I read on a few forums that people were doubting that these carriers can hold the standard sized (18.5 in tall) cans. Some people seemed to think that they fit a different sized can. If anyone has experience with these please let me know.


I had those mounts and they do fit the standard red US military type fuel cans and green water metal cans.
Thanks man. It's kinda funny, I never realized how unspecific the word "jerry can" can be until I went to buy one. I had always thought that they were all just 20 liter 3 handle metal squares, turns out there are a good many varieties. I think that for now I'll get myself a red one because my el cheapo plastic fuel containers are starting to go anyway. Ultimately, I definitely want to get one for water to go on the other side, would be great for camping.
Depending on where you live and wheel, it might not be good to have those cans hanging on the side of your rig. Major damage multipler.

I have a couple of those carriers and as mentioned, will fit the American style can and NOT the NATO style. The difference is the US model has a lip that fits in the "hook" on the bottom of the carrier, the NATO can is smooth.
John, I wouldn't really drive with a gas can on the side, except when going on camping trips. It definitely would be a needless danger. I plan on just keeping the gas cans at home until I need to take them somewhere.

I have since done a bit more research and now I understand the difference between the american style and the NATO style. I do have to say, the NATO style is clearly superior in my mind. It is a damn shame that these holders only work for the US style. It seems to be completely impossible to find new US cans and I don't exactly want to buy already rusted ones that I know won't be as good as the NATO ones. I'm considering removing these side carriers altogether now and figuring something else out. The body holes won't be too fun though.
Good move on looking for alternatives. Not being able to get new USA style cans makes it a non issue, but there used to be a bracket avaliabe to use the Cepek carrier and attach the can to the spare tire on the back door. You MIGHT still be able to locate one of those brackets.

Back in the day, I used to carry it back there, but I didn't really like to over stress that area. Now I have a rear fuel tank, AND I really like the Roto Pak stuff. You can look at those on line at 4wheel parts, etc.

Thanks, John
Thanks for letting me know about Roto Pak, very interesting stuff.
I think I saw something like what your describing; a mount for the Cepek carrier on the tire hinge thing. Right now, the locking mechanism for my tire hinge is pretty much broken. I'm currently keeping it from swinging open with a leather belt. Once I get that fixed, I'll definitely be looking into mounting things on the back. I few other things to tackle anyway first; jerry can accessories are lower on my FJ40 to do list.

Thanks for the info.

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