Decal Remover - Finally!

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Aug 31, 2005
Escondido, CA
Well I've been fighting a battle for nearly a year now trying to get a pesky "Purdue Boiler Makers" decal off the back window of my '97 80. Some previous owner made the poor decision to put the decal on the inside of the hatch window over the defroster wires and window tinting. I tried just about everything under the sun to get it off. Alcohol, acetone, steam, paint removers / strippers, scraping (plastic scraper only else you risk scratching the tint or worse cutting one or more of your defroster elements). Nothing phased that damn decal and I'd more or less resigned myself to having to answer the question of 'So when were you at Purdue' for the rest of my days on earth. However the other day while cleaning out the garage I stumbled upon a tube of Liquid Nails Adhesive & Caulk Remover a gel that doesn't sag or run, at least when applied in a thin layer... I smeared a little on the decal and waited the requisite two hours and scraped it off... Lo and behold parts of the decal were succumbing to this magical gel. So, I scraped the rest of the gel off, cleaned with alcohol and repeated... more decal gone! My hat is off to those boiler makers they make one tenacious decal; I had to repeat the process about five or six more times sometimes leaving it soak overnight, but that damn decal did come off eventually. My window is now free from the boiler makers and clean with no damage to the tint or defroster elements; and I no longer have to answer questions from other Purdue grads... yay... I have no idea where or when I got this stuff, but it sure does work.

That is by far the most titillating synopsis on caulk remover that I've read in quite sometime, bravo.

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