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Mar 27, 2003
Groveland MA
I've had a few questions about vibrations and whether or not a DC shaft is the solution/problem.

So I decided to post up how I evaluate the pinion angle to confirm if the pinion is aligned correctly for a DC shaft to operate without any vibrations.

The technical aspect of this is that a DC (double cardan) shaft requires an operating angle at the differential pinion to be 0* +/- 1*.

An easy way to confirm this is to use a digital angle finder like the ones sold at Harbor Freight.

The procedure is to park the truck so that you can place the finder on the pinion flange next to the drive shaft yoke to get an accurate reading.

Then take a reading with the left side of the finder on the pinion flange

DS angle 002.jpg

and then compare that reading with another one taken with the top of the finder on the underside of the drive shaft tube.

DS angle 001.jpg

You don't really care about the amount of angle but only the difference between the two.

I took the readings of my son's truck today. When comparing the two readings the operating angle of the front U-joint is .4* well under the 1.0* limit.

Hope this helps
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