dash lights are out.

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Aug 23, 2011
Fitzgerald GA
i bought the truck over a year ago and the dash lights were out then. ive replaced all the bulbs and still have no lights. i pulled the dimmer and its blown. i straight wired a jump to see if the lights would work without the dimmer and it blows the fuse every time. there is an aftermarket radio installed and from my vast searching here ive come up with it may be the dimmer wire that once connected to the factory radio but couldnt find anything other than people suggesting others check that wire. i dont know what wire im looking for , what it should be connected to what it shouldnt. i have a new dimmer but im not installing it until i know what blew the first one. any help is greatly appreciated. i h8 electrical:cheers:
Check the wiring for your trailer hitch plug. It's pretty common to whack your dash lights if the insulation is worn off and shorting on the frame or body. Mine did the same thing, I removed the damaged wires and no problems ever since.

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