Cruiser Man goes to URE....

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Jun 5, 2005
Madison NC
Well we headed down to URE for in impromptu wagon run and took CruiserMan along for his first trip wheelin a vehicle vs 4wheeler AND his cruiser's first time off pavement to stretch her legs. Well i must say Patrick did GREAT and the 80 held its own as well.

A little rain made things very interesting and not one to shy away from a challenge we took daniel into rocky mountain loop. It got snottier and snottier along the way. Daniel was fun and we got up without a hitch....well almost without a hitch. But the real suprise lie in what lay ahead of us in terms of descending the soggy trail without issue. We had 2 or 3 folks tell us the back side was tooooo slick to descend and the last guy just laughed and warned us as he passed us after turning his GrandCherokee with 12'' lift around to go back the bunny route. A chirp on the radio united grins across the board and down we went. NOT one problem. IT was a bit of a skiing event berm to berm but we all made it safe.

As we started rockymountain loop it was obvious that side of the forest got more of a soaking as the trails were much slicker. Just shy of the rev. limiter we ascended rocky mtn loop up to the sluice just below kodak. NASTY. not happenin. Oh so close, but alas, that rock claimed another exhaust system and the winches got a workout. It was here we happened across a group of 4 newbs w/ slightly modified trucks in the predicament of turning around and trying to go out the way they came in or descend through the sluice and out to the park. lot. We helped spot them each through and only the tacoma got a kiss on the rocker but they were much appreciative of the help as they seemed scared and SOL at the moment.

the rocks were a joke. I tried kodak but no line was achieveable. once you hit resistance all 4 would dig in and spin freely. Man, just a lil rain makes a BIG difference. Not to mention when the sky opens up and drops rain, ice, and tree limbs on intense hail storm greeted us atop the bypass and the rain escorted us out and home.

Congrats to patrick and his 80 for breakin into the scene by knocking down the two tuffest trails in the park!!!:bounce:
Oh yeah.....some pics :)

New member LTX wheeler doinin and in stock form no less:clap:
April09 001.jpg
April09 004.jpg
April09 006.jpg
nothing makes a pizza taste better than a long day a wheelin........mmmm

the rubber rhino in action here.....
just after POINT OF tatoo in the door (same as mine) and a smile on his face
Still spinnin tires:D timre for a front ARB (after the new exhaust that is:doh:)
April09 002.jpg
April09 008.jpg
April09 011.jpg
guess its inevitable if your that close to a rover all the time........;)
April09 012.jpg
slickery for sure.....wish i had gotten some pics after the hail storm. It was all foggy and mystic traveling down the trails and made for some entertaining splashing around for the afternoon.
April09 013.jpg
April09 014.jpg
April09 015.jpg
back side of daniel in the rocks
April09 017.jpg
April09 018.jpg
April09 019.jpg
Man I hate I missed it, We didnt get through laying that sod until almost 2:00 :crybaby:
dang! and sooooo close but spanked again in the rain at this spot. Last time it bought me a fancy new exhaust which i benefited from this time clearance wise. This time i just left a couple hundred bux of rubber on the rox and had to use my winch for my first SELF extraction. Worked great and glad i was had it.....pretty much ends the ? of winch or locker first.
April09 020.jpg
April09 023.jpg
April09 025.jpg
just leavin traction for alex to work w/ ;)
April09 026.jpg
the folks we ran into on the trail gettin some assistance thru the tough spots

and a shot in the downpour
April09 030.jpg
April09 032.jpg
April09 035.jpg
and a quick vid of concrete in the soupy sluice
looks like fun.... soon... soon.. i need to get off my bottom and finish my winter 80 projects.
Couple i took. Patrick did awesome!

I officially feel qualified for the US bobsled team after that trip. Wet clay pretty much turns into ice, and the 80 a sled. :steer:
URE 4-10-09 002 (Medium).jpg
URE 4-10-09 004 (Medium).jpg
URE 4-10-09 006 (Medium).jpg
couple more.... :popcorn:

Also, we had a little hail storm towards the end.
URE 4-10-09 008 (Medium).jpg
URE 4-10-09 011 (Medium).jpg
URE 4-10-09 014 (Medium).jpg
Was stephen with yall....I saw that rubicon and started thinking.....

haha.... no thats tyler. Hes got a 3'' body lift and 31's and wanting a 6'' long arm kit on top of that (9'') so he can run 35's.:rolleyes:

true story
Cool stuff! Man that had to be a mess, clay + water = e-ticket ride.

So Patrick, how'd it go and what do you plan to do to the 80 now? ;)
First off I'd like to say we had a great time. There was for sure some interesting moments on some of the decents with the michelin LTX's. I have to say I was very impressed with the 80's ability. There is no doubt I need sliders,lift,tires and some bumpers. Here are some pics!






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More pics!






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