Could You Balance your TSL's?


Sep 16, 2004
I haven't had this set of tires for long. I have never had tsl's before and I went for my first long road trip with them and they were out of controll, so I took them to get balanced because the shop I bought them from couldn't do it, but another shop within the company near by had a larger balancer. this is what they looked like and they only got them to within about 5 ounces of being balanced. Is this normal? should I ask them to send them back to interco? by the way I worked for this company for about two years back in highschool and know the managers so I might get better treatment, but i'm not sure. When the MTR's first came out we sent quite a few back because they were " unbalanceable". What do you all think. Are yours this bad? they all took about 30-50 ounces of weight!!! If you look closely the tape weights are stacked two layers deep or they are the heavier semi style weights.
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Feb 8, 2004
Cloverdale B.C. Canada
mine where bad . so i didn't bother, they where gonna stick a whole pile like that on mine also . with lockers everytime you turn a corner (tire scrub) the balancing of the tire is probbably gonna change after awhile anyways . so i didn't bother .made the rim look like crap .


Feb 19, 2004
Pepperell MA
Yeah, TSL's can be a pain to balance. There are a couple things you can try to make'm work better though. Some of the folks on Pirate have had good luck with BB's and golf balls. Others have used balancing sand and Centramatic balancing rings. There are also weighted "patches" that you can glue to the inside of the tire tread to help get a tire to balance. You might have to check with a shop that handles comercial truck tires for that though. Last option I can think of is to have the tires shaved round. Check with places that sell tires for racing as many racers have tires shaved to racing depth.

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