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Jan 19, 2011
New York
im looking for some cool stuff to add to the interior of my cruiser, stuff that wasnt availible in the us market, ive seen 60s with these cool altimeters that gave you your elevation of the truck and some other info, i was wondering if there is anything like that for the 80? or even a grab bar for the front pasenger? just looking for anything cool looking and non us market
yes I would like to see some!!!!
You need to talk to Mot. He has a ton of stuff to add that's non- US.
yes, who is he and how do i contact him?
Hey CaptnJim,

Look up MOT or Radd, (both Members) they have JDM parts for sale. There are a few other guys as well, especially in Canada.
Also look in the JDM section of the classifieds.
You will find some very cool stuff. My HDJ81 (Japanese spec 80) has the Altimeter and grab bar you speak of. I also have a factory cooler/ice maker center console....
thank you very much, very helpful:)
Anytime. Let us know what you find!


Mot is out of that scene and has no time for that unless he has it at his house. I have been trying for a year with no success. Good luck my friend.
If you have a Toyota PN for the parts you can always try Dave at Japan4x4 (his company name and user name on Mud). He is in Japan, and can get plenty of non-US parts.


Mine has an altimeter and compass on the roof where the rear view mirror is, but I never use it. I don't think the compass works and I'm not sure about the altimeter because I'm never far enough above sea level for anything to register. It lights up and stuff, though. I'm trying to think of something cool to put up there in it's place.

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