Coleman Hot Water Shower

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
I bought one of these a short while ago (on sale for half price), and will hopefully get a chance to actually field test it this upcoming long weekend.
Looking at the assembly, it really needs a longer shower hose, and from what I've read, a better shower head as well. If one was to put a nozzle on it with some kind of off/on feature, would that just be asking for trouble inside the unit itself (total system meltdown kinda thing?)
Also, to actually have hot water on this unit, you have to manually hold the dial to the hot setting, otherwise it returns to the max warm setting. Has anyone looked at modifying the dial (removing the spring mechanism inside) to keep it on hot?
Yes, the hose needs to be extended for ease of use.

You don't need to hold the dial in order to operate the unit. You ONLY hold in HOT position for super hot water, like for coffee for instance.

You can't turn it off while being use at the shower head, rather you shouldn't turn off the water flow. You can turn it off by shutting the dial off, this shuts off the pump.

Here's one way of using it:

Heat up a five gallon container of water by recirculating the water back into the container. This should take about five minutes or so. Then, simply move the dial to cold, this simply keeps the pump running w/o turning on the flame. You can then take your shower.

Hope this paints a picture somewhat!

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