Club Run - Saturday, May 8, 2010

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just another ex-VI Cruiser
Apr 27, 2005
Langford, British Columbia, Canada
Next club run is Saturday, May 8, 2010. Meet at Sooke A&W by 8:30; we'll be leaving by 8:45.

The focus of this run is to hunt for 2 GeoCaches in the Sooke area. Wheeling should be mostly easy on overgrown trails. (Hopefully Jay will winch me again when I pick the stupid line.) Plan for a couple km bushwhack through rough terrain to find the caches.

For more information about GeoCaching, see Getting Started with Geocaching
Basically, GeoCaching is a game of hide and seek. Some players hide caches (containers with a log book and sometimes “trade” items) and post the location online at The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Other players use GPS receivers to hunt for the caches, sign the log book, sometimes trade for stuff in the cache, and post their finds online.

These two caches were hidden in 2002 and 2003 and haven’t been found since December 2005. They may still be there, or Yogi may have eaten them. I hope to find out.

More details about the caches will be posted in the members section.
Over the years that antenna has really taken a beating because it is so flexable,its always hooked under the mirror or comes through the pass window if it is open.It broke right the base so we just bashed out the broken piece and reinserted the remainder of the antenna,still works but slightly scratchy sound. It was a good day in the bush,lots of challenging runs and we did find ghost buck cache that hadnt been found in 5 years.From the time we left the house til we got home minus lunch and hiking we were behind the wheel for 10 hours. Gotta get better seats and a smaller steering wheel for the 40. :steer::steer::steer::steer:
trip report

12:30 AM - finished tuning CB antennae and installing CB in dash; rest of dash still in pieces

6:20 AM - wake up before alarm 'cause I haven't been wheeling since September :frown:

load chainsaw, tools, and GPSr into Cruiser; poke the kid with a long pointy stick to get her out of bed; and we're off to pick up Andrew - he's bought an HDJ81 and is waiting for it to arrive; he's keen to play in the woods; stop at the cardlock and we're off towards Sooke

8:25 AM - arrive Sooke A&W to discover we're the first ones there (a first for me), but also that we're missing some important medical supplies for Andrew; can't raise wombat on CB or cell, so we're back to Langford; meet wombat on the road, stop and explain the story - he'll wait for us in Sooke

9:30 AM - return to Sooke; complete introductions and are about to leave when we get blocked in by the LX470; gamaman1 provides us with some very useful information about an open gate - :clap:
We make our good-byes and hit the road, just the FJ40 and HDJ81 :steer:

As promised, the gate was wide open, as was every other gate we came to that day - :D

After airing down, I lead us on a wild goose chase trying a short-cut to the powerlines. Wombat's superior memory got us back on track and into familiar territory.

Then we re-traced the September 2009 trip.

That is until we got the place where we had lunch in September - I couldn't remember if we went North or East. Today we went East through some nasty overgrown trails; despite the welcoming signs, this was the wrong way and we had to return to the September lunch spot.

After a long rocky climb we came out into the familiar clearcut.

and a thunderstorm

We continued on, over and down the other side to discover another open gate - :D
We followed the GPSr towards our destination and stopped at the end of a spur road less than 400m from our destination. We hiked through the old clearcut and bushwhcked a 100m or so to discover a road that took us right to a pretty lake.

A short scramble up the hillside and a quick hunt located the geocache we were after.

The lake would make a great destination for an overnight trip.

Our return trip was quite a bit quicker; without opening any cans, we took a more direct route that took us to a familiar intersection that we'd often wondered about - here's a pic near the intersection taken on our February 2008 run.

7:45 PM - home, tired and happy after a fun day. Thanks for the cache, wombat. And it was good to meet you Andew; I hope your HDJ81 arrives soon and we see you on the trails with VI Cruisers.

:beer:Looks like fun:p......

Hope to have a cruiser that I can wheel soon.

We had an awesome time!

Here's my collection of pics. If anyone wants any of them in full quality, let me know.





















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