Cleaning out garage

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Feb 3, 2008
Courtenay, BC

Cleaning out the garage prepatory to moving. Odds and ends for sale, trade, or donation. some of the stuff was left by toshi 38, and i'd rather give it to club folks here than take it to alberta with me.

5.29 ring and pinion from a 60. just the set from the rear.

pumpkin and a few odd bits from the old carrier, also 60

front axles from a 55, or some eras of 40s. nothing boutique like. it was what was in the front of my 60!

birf from an early forty series.
ps hoses for a sag conversion, apparently.
bush bar, light metal, off my old land rover.
1200 ish lb engine stand, NIB, from princess auto.
small muffler for a three inch pipe. rather loud. still in good condition.

give me a bell if you are looking for any bits.

I'll take the powersteering lines if no one else needs em. They might be useful for my conversion.
If you need a hand in the edmonton area feel free to give me a shout....there is a shortage od cruiserheads in this part of the country!

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