Chrome door molding on a 16-17 LC

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Jul 25, 2017
Seattle Washington
Does anyone know if the chrome door molding on the doors of the 2016 -2018 Land Cruisers are stuck on with just adhesive or are there tab holes in the sheet metal? I'd love to remove them. This is the thick chrome door molding 1/3 way up the side doors.
I’d wager it’s a stick on item. Adhesives have come a long way and there’s no need to leave holes in the body for badges (American cars may still have holes but they’re getting rare from what I can tell). Why put a hole in the exterior when 3M makes products that will last a lifetime in any environment?
I’d suggest grabbing some floss and sawing through from one end to the other, if you hit a pin there you go...
i'm pretty sure i've read a few threads here that state there are holes... haven't tried to pull them off myself, so i can't say for sure, but if memory serves me correctly, it's not just adhesive.
On mine you can actually slide the trim piece a bit leading me to think it solely mechanical and there is no adhesive. I started to coat them initially but after about 3 weeks they had become invisible.

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