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Looks good man, if i didn't have a set i'd be all over that. Do they bolt to the floor or anything? If so you should post pics of how they mount, that's one of the most important parts. A drawer is useless if it's going to kill you in a rollover.
How's the height on the drawers? Does it make a flat surface if you fold the 2nd row seats down flat? Also, any tie-down hooks available for the top?
Thanks for the response hawk. Let me think about this! :hmm:

How long is this special going to go on for?
Good question. I guess untill The web site goes up? Witch could be as soon as next week.
Thanks again for the drawers Charles! Got the carpet installed this weekend.

Very nice! If i didn't haul my German Shepherd everywhere with me, i would love to have this setup!
Lookin good.

Are the drawers removable with a couple of scews, or are they in for good ?

Reason is I want a similar setup, but sometimes we will be using the car for other trips, so more space is better.
Each drawer is held down by 4 bolts. So just unbolt and pull out the drawer.

Now I just need a rear bumper, having the tired in the back takes up way too much space.
Yeah It is simple to remove the drawers, And the system is in halfs so you can take out only one side if wanted.
Wow! It looks awesome!

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