Cheap mud tires for beater truck

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Jan 7, 2016
Greetings, I was hoping that someone could help me find some decent but cheap mud tires for my old beater truck. Currently I have BFG all terrains that are over 12 years old size 285/75/16. The tread is fine but the sidewalls are getting dry rotted pretty bad. I only put about 1,000 miles on this truck a year as I just use it for dump runs, get supplies and sometimes off road it. I also need a tire that can hold some weight as I do load it up with 1 1/2 tons of stone from time to time. I have looked on craigslist and FB market place on and off for a year and spoke with a tire shop to keep an eye out for a good used set but at this point I would rather buy new for piece of mind. Any suggestions?

Anyone running these with success?
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My local tire shop in a small town farming area carries various brands just for farm trucks and beaters. The tread won't last very long on the highway and they are usually loud. I've run a number of off brand mud tires over the years and don't think there is much difference for your purpose.

I'm currently running BFG KM2 on my FJ60 and have over 30k miles on them with a lot of tread left so there is a difference in tires for one you drive every day but I've run some cheapos on an Toyota truck that I use as a Gator for several years and have abused them about every way you can on a farm and they worked for their purpose. The truck hasn't been licensed in years and I bought the tires on clearance as the dealer couldn't get rid of them. If you can get to a small town shop with farms you should be able to find something fairly cheap.

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