centre diff lock in 91 3fe auto

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Jun 5, 2016
Just a bit of a curiosity question. I have a 91 80 series with the old trusty 3Fe with the auto.

Is there any way to tell if you have the part time 4wd kit installed other than lifting the car or the ground and seeing what wheels turn.

The reason why I ask is that I was under the impression that the auto vehicles did not come with the on/off switch on the dash, but rather automatically locked the centre diff in low range and was free in high range.

I have a switch and the car seemed to handle a little differently than I would have expected while out the other day.

The front hubs are the normal auto hubs.

91-92 came with the center diff lock switch. 93-97 did not. You can install a switch from a 91-92 in to a 93-94 or a different switch (hazard) 95-97. You also have to do the pin 7 mod on the 93-97.

I'm sure someone can explain the full time 4wd better than I can. But very few people have switched to actual part time 4wd.

So to answer your question: You have full time 4wd.
Thanks for that. It does explain a bit.

I had a 93 80 series with the turbo diesel and auto many years ago now, and it came without the switch on the dash. The workshop manual for that was what I was basing my assumptions on, but from what you have said it clears it up.

I don't think whoever did the lift put camber correction in it so with a 4in lift you can imagine the way it handles. I was starting to second guess whether it was all because of the camber or a mixture of camber and the possibility of a part time kit.
The front hubs are the normal auto hubs.
Not to nitpick, but the hubs do not lock/unlock like automatic hubs do. They are always locked to the front axle and the driveline is always in 4WD. The center differential makes it all play nicely together.
I do realise that. I also believe that some kits come with manual locking hubs to disconnect drive shafts etc for less wear and tear.
There are manual part time kits that you can get (I believe the manual hubs off late 80s-early 90s pickups fit IIRC). There really isn't much benefit to it since the front driveshaft would still be spinning on an 80 if you did it. So you aren't gaining some lost HP. I guess the one benefit would be less binding/dragging when turning. Not worth the work IMO.

Not sure if there were any differences in stock form from the factory for OZ. We didn't get the Turbo Diesel (or any diesel) here in the US.
And for the record, Jon Held knows pretty much all there is to know about the 3FE. He's a damn wizard.
Ha ha very cool. I may need to pick his brain about the 3fe in the future if it plays up.

Like i said in original thread though was just trying to clear up in my head what may be happening and all the info so far makes sense so big thanks to both of you guys.

Only had car a few months and so far has been good. Seems to go well except for a few things that are a result of the lift done on the cheap and not finished off properly.

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