CBI Offroad bumper and Badlands Apex winch

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Oct 14, 2020
Goodyear, AZ
I ordered the CBI Offroad bumper in November. I was going to wait and add a winch later but might as well do it the first time so I don't have to remove the bumper.

Does anyone know if the Badlands Apex winch will work? On the CBI website it says any with a non-integrated solenoid box will work.
That is helpful. Seems like a good option for the price.

I agree. Although most people say not to skimp on a winch. But they have rave reviews.

I have one of the non apex 12k on my 2500 hd. Worked as expected when installed. Never had a line pulled since over a year later. I keep telling myself I need to run it in and out, just haven’t.
The bumper is on but I don’t know where to mount the solenoid.
Looks pretty similar. Did you make a bracket?
More or less… I had a random bracket from my dobinsons awning laying around. it had bolt holes on it that fit the control box perfectly on one and all I had to do was cut the other end to length and bolt it to the subframe.
Given enough wire, there should be more than ample room under the hood! Heck, people (like myself) have had room to add a ARB dual compressor and second battery!

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