Carb solonoid fuse?

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Mar 18, 2006
Hey guys, my carb solonoid wires melted together, now it don't work so no idle. Is there a fuse or something?
2 wires, checked engine fuse it's fine. Swapped it with another just incase still no go. The wires melted 40 miles from home and i had no idea, i noticed that it had trouble idling, then it got worse to no idling without choke. It drives fine as long as you not idling.

I'm thinking the 2 wires were shorted for so long (40 miles) that it burnt out the solenoid perhaps? Wouldn't it burn the fuse first though?

With the truck key switch set to start position, there is no click. But when i grounded one of the wire with a test light, the light came on bright. Then when i grounded the other wire i heard the click and a very dim light appeared on the test light. Now i can't get it to click at all through this method.

It seems as though when you start the engine, it idles (barley) for a few seconds then slowly dies. Maybe the solenoid is just halfway working. hmmmm I may just go get a new one from advanced as a trail ride is this weekend.
Try grounding the yellow wire with green stripe to see if it makes the solenoid click. The emissions computer normally grounds this wire to control the idle fuel. If grounding it works, then the computer input for manifold vaccum is probably bad or the computer itself. If grounding it doesn't work, then either the solenoid or the power wire (black/yellow) is bad.

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