carb replacement

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Mar 21, 2006
yuma az/san luis mx
i've got a 71fj40 w/ the original f engine and was having carb problems and wanted to replace it with something that was not so hard to get worked on and could pick up cheap at a salvage yard. any ideas?

Do a search on here and see why you should keep your stock carb. If it is bad, have someone like Jim C or Mark A rebuild it. Good luck.
I want to rebuild my stock carb (72 FJ40) but it has been off of my cruiser due to me running a Webber. Now it has corrosion inside. Should I still use it?
i already had it rebuilt once but it tries to stall when you first step on the gas and adjusting it is getting me nowhere fast. i supose that comes with owning such a unique vehicle
if ya have some time on your hands and some paticence a few years ago i was working in a junk yard and when i would have time i would look for something to fit my f engine finally i ran across a old dodge 70 model diplomat carb that looked real close so i matched op side to side and tryed drilling on the dodge carb i dont know the model of the carb just it was a real small bore and it was 2 barrel but anyway but back to the drilling out the mounting holes i went to far.(to wide) drilled into the carb . so i tryed other on and it worked to my surprise it went on the cruiser intake i used the dodge spacer and cruiser gaskets its a real bitch to keep sealed because even when i got it on it was tight to get on the studs now for the throttle cable old chevy.if ya ever do it you will just have to check around a little i remember i had to loop the cable around a little it was to long.but the dam thing worked ran great never flooded the engine just could not keep the carb gaskets to hold for to long i drove the dam thing for a year .like to see somebody else try to do it make it perfect.

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