Can i fit 255/85/16 tires?

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Jun 28, 2010
Philadelphia, PA
I have the Sonoran Steel System 7.2 Suspension on my 2002 4Runner -
About: 2.5" Front & 3" Rear.
2001-2002 - System 7.2 - $1,294.00 : Sonoran Steel, Sonoran Steel Custom Metal Fabrication L.L.C. Custom Toyota Truck Parts

I currently have on the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tires 265/75R16.

My question is can i go up to the next size BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM 255/85/16?

WIll they fit without any rubbing? I live in PA and wheel spacers are illegal. I have attached a few photos with my current tires.

With 255/85/16 tires can i get away without re-gearing?

Some photos of my current tires and the space i have right now -

Are you happy with your lift and the ride? Been considering Sonoran. Not sure if that size won't rub...why not stay with the same size?
The 255's will be narrower than what you have now, but will be taller by an 1" or more. Can you stuff another 1" inside the wheelwells?

As far as regearing goes, you should be fine with stock gearing albeit with a bit of power loss. The 255's aren't that much heavier and the contact patch is the same/smaller so you won't feel much difference.
I run a SS lift. The fairly new alternate kit. Love the ride.Love the lift. 1.2A . Great instructions with kit. Runing 285/75 BFG ATs on stock wheels. Both sides rub the UCAs backing up at full lock turn either side. Ran 1/4 inch spacers on the front one day. Rather have the rub. Drove like a$$ with spacers. Been meaning to post pics,will try to this weekend
Thanks, I don't need much lift on my 2001 LTD Runner, I just want a good ride, my rear end is beginning to sag. I'm running 265/75R16 Michelin AT2's
I have that same size tire on my Tacoma with similar lift - works fine for the last 2 sets of tires and 100K miles.
No regearing here and my truck still performs fine.
The UCA and the tire will move together vertically - so clearance between the two will remain the same - unless you pack a bunch of mud in there!
Happy Trails -

The sonoran steel set up is a great. Love it actually. Just looking to fill the wheel well a little more with 255/85/16. my current size looks tiny.

Here she is,sonoran steel 1.2a, 285/75
Just got the 255/85/16's on!
I got mine on today as well. SAW 2.5's with a 1" block and 1.5" aal.

255/85r16 Maxxis bighorns

Has never driven so smoothly. Now, should I extend the rear shaft?

don't 'mud and drive
Any rubbing after you got the 255/85's? I am considering the same tire on my 4runner with an OME lift and was curious.


This is the size tire I'd like to go with next time on my Tacoma. I have Donahoe coil overs in front and a similar rear set up. Leaning towards the Toyo Mud.
I ran some 255/85's on my 97 4runner for a while with about 3" of lift up front. I loved the tires. They fit perfect without any rubbing, and I didn't need wheel spacers either. This was a few years ago, but a set of Bighorns ran me $580 vs a lot more for BFG's.

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